Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cheap Auto Insurance

When the thief broke into our SUV two weeks ago, I immediately called our local police and filed for a report right away. It only took a few minutes for the policeman to arrive. He asked a number of questions such as when and where it happened, what were lost, and also the color and cost of my purse. Good thing, it wasn't a signature purse. Well, actually, I don't think I even have one. That's how cheap I am. LOL! :) I always make it a point to make copies of my driver's license and important cards such as the insurance cards. I gave him a copy. He also asked for the serial number of my GPS which I didn't have an idea what it was. Thankfully, my husband kept the receipt and its original box. I was impressed he was able to keep them. The following day, I went to DMV to get a replacement for my driver's license. Of course, the lady asked for an ID. I showed her my green card which was the only ID I had at that moment. The process didn't take long including the photo taking. It was a breeze. When I got home, I went through everything inside the SUV, including our car insurance documents.

In these tough economic times, saving is necessary to survive. I thought I need to look around for a cheap auto insurance. According to an article by, one of the ways to save money is to purchase an auto insurance from a licensed, low priced insurer. True. Even has a checklist that can serve as your guide if you really want to save money on car insurance. So, I went online and researched for low cost insurance providers using a highly reliable site called I can't believe how quick the results were shown. It's very user-friendly, too. Oh, it was so easy to use! You can find the cheapest auto insurance with the coverage you want using this site. Simply type in your zip code, and after a few seconds the results are shown. Don't worry about paying fees for getting quotes because they are FREE! Save time and money. Visit


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